Benefits of Art Therapy

swara participants enjoying dancing in the art therapy program

Benefits of Art Therapy

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About Art Therapy

Art therapy is a discipline that incorporates creative methods of expression through visual art media. Art therapy, as a creative arts therapy profession, originated in the fields of art and psychotherapy. (source: American Art Therapy Association AARTA).

No previous experience or skill level is required to participate in art therapy classes, and the primary goal is not to assess the participant’s image, but to enable change and growth on a personal level in a safe and nurturing environment.

Lots of fun being had performing at the swara variety show.
swara Participants enjoying creative dancing as part of the Art Therapy Program

Benefits of Art Therapy

For people with disabilities, art therapy can improve mental, physical, and emotional well-being. It offers an opportunity for self-expression, new coping strategies, and a way to communicate for people who find it hard to express their thoughts and feelings verbally.

Art therapy can improve motor function, cognitive function and facilitate cognitive training for people with brain injuries. For many people, it also delivers a sense of calmness and relaxation, provides a sense of accomplishment, and builds self-confidence.

swara Art Therapy Program

swara runs an Art Therapy Day Program includes:

  • Pottery
  • Arts and Crafts
  • Music
  • Drama
  • Dance

Our program is a fully funded NDIS Day Program. If you’d like to learn more about how our Arts Therapy and other swara programs can provide advice and practical skills to help participants lead a happy and healthy life, contact the friendly swara team today.

Control your learning

In addition to NDIS supported daily living programs, participants can work 1:1 with our support workers for more individualised learning.

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