Sports & Recreation

Getting active is a big part of the swara lifestyle! From bushwalks to picnics, basketball, fishing, light exercise and indoor games, our sports and recreation program is fun for all ability levels.

About the swara Sport and Recreation Program

Sport and recreation is an important aspect of swara’s normal activities. Besides meeting your sport and fitness goals, we design activities to ensure they are fun and creative.

Being active through sports and exercise is great for building capacity and achieving greater independence, but fun is the main focus!

The programs on offer include sports, events and opportunities to get out and about in the community. We explore activities you already know and love, and we also offer the chances to find and develop new interests.

Our sports and recreation program is a platform that helps you push past your boundaries and enhance your capacity. With indoor and outdoor activities that combine genuine fun with opportunities for growth, we encourage all swara participants to get involved and have a go.

Our Sports and Recreation Activities

swara hosts all sorts of sports and recreation activities. Our programs include indoor and outdoor activities where you can be yourself without fear of judgement. Join us for upcoming programs like:

  • Yoga
  • Pool
  • Basketball
  • Table tennis
  • Gentle exercise
  • Pool
  • Fishing
  • Bush walks
  • Reading
  • Visits to museums, galleries and exhibitions

Our team works hard to meet your needs and create sessions that help you to relax and – most importantly – have fun! There’s nothing more rewarding than the joy of watching our family try new things for the first time, so we’re always aiming to provide experiences you’ll love.

You can see our upcoming activities on the swara Program. If there’s an activity you would like to try, you can send us your feedback online.

Multipurpose Recreational Spaces

The swara centre is equipped with several multipurpose spaces for sports and other activities.

Our focus is on promoting skill building in a fun and supportive environment. During recreational activities, you’ll get to play, socialise with friends and work with our staff on building your skills.

You are invited to enjoy any activities that catch your eye. Our programs are all designed to promote physical exercise and improve fine motor coordination, and we always make sure there’s something for all ability levels and needs.

Our team combines physical activities with community inclusion trips, such as walking in national parks, sailing, horse riding and swimming.

Yoga and Meditation

This specially crafted yoga and meditation program dedicated to promoting holistic well-being for swara participants is run by certified instructors which  embraces adaptive yoga sessions that cater to various abilities, emphasizing gentle movements and breath awareness. Participants will engage in meditation and mindfulness practices designed to enhance focus and reduce stress, fostering mental clarity and emotional resilience. In this inclusive community environment, connections are forged, experiences shared, and mutual support cultivated. With a personalised approach to accommodate diverse needs and a progressive curriculum allowing participants to build skills at their own pace, Yoga and Meditation aims to empower individuals on their wellness journey.

Walking Club

Our Walking Club offers inclusive, adaptable walking sessions supporting physical well-being, social interaction, and empowerment. Tailored to diverse abilities, it promotes health benefits, social skills, and confidence-building in a supportive environment. Join us for accessible walks where every participant’s unique needs are embraced, creating a community of inclusivity and shared joy in staying active together.

Gardening Club

Enjoy some fresh air and learn some green thumbs skills while having fun with our gardening club.

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About swara

swara is a not-for-profit NDIS registered support provider. We are more than just a disability service provider—we are a vibrant community offering tailored support for individuals aged 10 to 70 with diverse physical, mental, and psychosocial disabilities. From centre-based support, community and home supports to navigating post-school transitions, our comprehensive services extend to a dynamic school holiday program and supported independent living options.