Community Access

We love our centre-based programs, but swara also hosts regular community access outings. Community access is perfect if you want to explore Brisbane and have fun while you’re doing it.

Explore all that life has to offer at swara

Getting out into the community is lots of fun and it’s the perfect chance to make friends, enjoy your hobbies and try something new!

The swara community access program operates on weekdays and Saturdays. Joining the program is an opportunity to explore all that life has to offer. This includes excursions to parks, museums, movies, live shows, national parks, ten pin bowling and even cat cafes.

We encourage participants to get involved with the local community, share in great adventures, make friends, develop skills and have lots of fun while you’re at it. Our current program includes something for everyone. Activities are tailored to a range of ability levels, so you’re sure to find a program that suits your needs.

We continually make adjustments and expand on our communication skill sessions to ensure our programs suit the needs of the whole swara family.

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Brisbane’s Favourite Spots

Our community access program includes visits to coffee shops, parks, local events, CityCat trips and even fishing trips!

There’s something for everyone in our community access schedule. We like to host regular trips to our favourite places – that gives you a chance to enjoy old hobbies or explore new interests on a regular basis.

Explore Nature

Bush walks and visits to parks are great exercise and offer the opportunity to connect with nature.

swara’s community access program includes plenty of trips to spots like New Farm park. We also like to head into Brisbane’s national parks to take a stroll and spend time in the great outdoors. Nature trips usually include a stop for lunch or a relaxing picnic, so you’ll have plenty with friends.

Movies and Live Performances

Visits to live performances and the movies at Southbank Cineplex are always a favourite with the swara family!

We like to see a mix of the latest movies and live performances at some of Brisbane’s favourite theatres. These trips are popular with everyone at swara. We typically travel together by train, and the day is a great excuse to spend time with friends while enjoying some popcorn together.

School Holiday Community Access Programs

swara is open to people of all ages. For our younger participants, we offer special school holiday programs to make sure the fun doesn’t stop.

Our school holiday program includes a mix of centre-based activities and community access groups. During school holidays, we get out into the community 2-3 times a week. Visit the swara Program Schedule to see the details of our upcoming school holiday programs or contact us to find out more.

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About swara

swara is a not-for-profit NDIS registered support provider. We are more than just a disability service provider—we are a vibrant community offering tailored support for individuals aged 10 to 70 with diverse physical, mental, and psychosocial disabilities. From centre-based support, community and home supports to navigating post-school transitions, our comprehensive services extend to a dynamic school holiday program and supported independent living options.