Student Placements

Advance your study and gain valuable on-the-job experience with a student placement at swara. Our placement program offers opportunities that can help you build a more rewarding career.

Get valuable experience and learn new skills

Earning your qualification as a disability support worker is one of the most rewarding things you can do.

Your support can make a world of difference on the individual and community level. Throughout your career, you’ll have the opportunity to work with some incredible people and support them in achieving their goals.

As part of your training, you will likely need on-the-job experience to earn a qualification. swara has been facilitating hands-on student placements since 2015. We maintain strong relationships with our local tertiary institutions, and we are always happy to welcome students who are looking to learn.

We are proud to offer exciting placement opportunities to students from Brisbane’s universities and TAFE colleges. With swara, you can complete your training, gain valuable hands-on experience and learn from a professional team that focuses on delivering loving care, always.

What You Gain with a swara Student Placement?

Dynamic & enjoyable experience in various areas of disability support work

The opportunity to integrate theory and practice in a supervised environment

Hands-on involvement in real life situations with real swara participants

Experience working alongside a genuine, caring and professional team

The chance to relate to your local community and make a real difference

Essential skill & character development, for your life and future career

Networking possibilities through direct industry contacts that support your future

Valuable industry-related work history that stands out to future employers

To learn more about swara and our future placement opportunities – please get in touch with us today!


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About swara

swara is a not-for-profit NDIS registered support provider. We are more than just a disability service provider—we are a vibrant community offering tailored support for individuals aged 10 to 70 with diverse physical, mental, and psychosocial disabilities. From centre-based support, community and home supports to navigating post-school transitions, our comprehensive services extend to a dynamic school holiday program and supported independent living options.