The Arts

Arts, crafts, music and performance is a great way to communicate and express yourself. At swara, we use the arts to help you build your confidence and develop new skills without judgement.


The swara pottery program is where the therapeutic art of pottery becomes an inclusive and empowering experience for individuals with disabilities. In this creative space, participants embark on a journey of self-expression and skill development, guided by experienced instructors. Through adaptive techniques and tailored instruction, we ensure that pottery becomes an accessible and enjoyable activity for all. Participants will explore the tactile nature of clay, fostering not only artistic expression but also fine motor skills and a sense of accomplishment. Our program is designed to celebrate individual creativity, encourage social interaction, and provide a supportive environment where the joy of pottery becomes a medium for personal growth and community connection.

Pottery making is not only an enjoyable and relaxing form of art; it also builds fine motor skills, creativity and a sense of accomplishment.

Creative Arts

The creative arts program is a dynamic and inclusive initiative, thoughtfully crafted and run by our experienced support workers who are dedicated to enhancing the lives of our participants. This program serves as a platform for participants to express themselves through a myriad of artistic mediums, including painting, collage, building sculptures and origami, Beading and lots more.

swara participants love the variety of creative arts available to them, especially painting and beading.


Our Music Program, an enriching initiative within our program places the transformative power of music at its core. Specifically designed to embrace diverse abilities, our program features an inclusive choir where participants discover the joy of harmonising together. Led by experienced music instructors, this choir not only provides an avenue for artistic expression but also fosters a sense of community and belonging. Participants explore a range of musical genres and engage in vocal exercises tailored to individual needs, promoting vocal confidence and self-expression.

In our music program our participants will also have the opportunity to participate in a fortnightly concert facilitated by Disability Entertainment Australia (DEAI) and our Weekly Friday afternoon Karaoke sessions.

The talented swara Songbirds Choir rehearse once a week in preparation for regular public performances at local functions and events. We also have karaoke for those who enjoy singing in a more casual, social environment.

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About swara

swara is a not-for-profit NDIS registered support provider. We are more than just a disability service provider—we are a vibrant community offering tailored support for individuals aged 10 to 70 with diverse physical, mental, and psychosocial disabilities. From centre-based support, community and home supports to navigating post-school transitions, our comprehensive services extend to a dynamic school holiday program and supported independent living options.