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swara Invoice Charges

We explain more about the itemised charges you may receive on your program invoice, including centre capital costs and non face-to-face services. If you have other questions about swara invoicing and charges, please contact the friendly swara team.

What are centre capital costs?

Centre capital cost is a charge for people who attend a physical space for support. It is charged as a small hourly rate and is designed to help providers like swara maintain their facilities. Centre capital costs will come out of your core budget and will be shown as a separate line item on your invoices.

What is ‘non-face-to-face services’?

Non-face-to-face is a charge for any indirect supports delivered without the participant being present. This includes the planning, coordinating, researching and documenting our team undertake to ensure that you can get the most out of your NDIS supports. Some examples of non-face-to-face activities we undertake each day at swara include individual support preparation and writing progress notes.

Why is my plan now being billed for centre capital costs and non-face-to-face?

Centre-capital costs and non-face-to-face have always been claimable. However, these have previously been included in the hourly rate of support. Because of these changes, these charges have been separated into their own line items so that you can have better visibility for how your NDIS supports are being billed.