Why It’s Important to Have a School Transition Plan

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Why It’s Important to Have a School Transition Plan

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A well-designed school transition plan for students with disabilities plays a crucial role in facilitating a smooth and successful transition to the post school world. A school transition plan looks at your child’s strengths, interests, goals and support needs.

There are many benefits of a school transition plan, including:

Continuity of Support

Transitioning from an educational setting to the post school world can be a challenge for any teenager, but for those with disabilities, it can be very confronting, especially if they rely heavily on structured support systems. A transition plan ensures that the necessary individual support needs can be put in place in a new environment, whether it be supported work programs, further education, NDIS day programs, supports at home or in supported independent living. This can provide crucial continuity and coordination of support and minimise disruption after leaving school.

Keeping Your Child Safe

Many parents and carers have understandable fears about their child’s safety once they leave the structured school environment. A transition plan can identify potential vulnerabilities such as road safety issues, so that these can be managed in post school environments.

Capacity Building

Identifying key capacity building goals for your child will not only help build your child’s independence, but it will also provide clearer pathways to NDIS capacity building services that can be matched with their goals.

For instance, if a capacity building transition plan goal is for your child to learn basic administration and computer skills to help them manage day to day tasks, an NDIS day program that includes computer skills could be integrated into the plan.


Transition plans will typically include activities designed to help familiarise your child with their new post-school environments, such as visits to day programs, meeting with new support staff, learning to travel to new facilities, and meeting other participants. These activities can help reduce anxiety by helping your child become comfortable with their new routines and environments.


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A transition plan empowers both students and their families to be active participants in the transition process. Being involved in goal setting and decision-making helps promote self-advocacy skills and offers a sense of control over the future. It can also help mitigate concerns and ensure everyone’s preferences are considered.


Identifying new activities to undertake in a school transition plan can help create a sense of independence for your child. Simple activities like commuting to an NDIS day program with a support worker rather than commuting to school with a parent, meeting new people other than teachers and classmates, or discovering new activities, can create independence and build confidence.

Social Connection

A school transition plan can provide introductions to new people and identify suitable programs and activities to nurture new friendships and continue social contact. Whether it’s trialling regular community outings to cafes and movies, art classes, further study, capacity building day programs, or recreational programs, they can all provide valuable social interactions and build friendships prior to leaving school.

Set Your Child Up for Success

Planning for the future with a good school transition plan will set up your child for success. It promotes continuity of support, safety, capacity building, familiarisation, empowerment, independence, and connection.

Brisbane School Transition Program

swara is a registered NDIS disability service provider based in Woolloongabba, Brisbane. For nearly 50 years we have been passionately supporting people of all abilities. Our aim is to make sure our participants feel loved and respected, and given the chance to reach their full potential.

We offer a school transition program to smoothly transition from school into adulthood, including school holiday programs and capacity building activities. We will work with you to understand your needs and goals and develop a suitable transition plan that sets you up to build the skills you need to become an independent adult.

Contact the swara team today to learn more about our School Transition Program.

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